Business to Business Branding Principles and Techniques

Branding is of huge importance in marketing. Companies that own big consumer brands are worth billions of dollars, not just because of their plant and machinery, their intellectual property,or the skills of their workforce and management but because of the value of their brands. When we think of branding it is usually consumer brands that […]

Brand With Vision – 5 Reasons to Create a Brand Board

“Your word is your brand; your bond, your signature, it’s your way of establishing yourself in the marketplace.” There are many people who are unconscious about their brand and that is a big problem. How in the world are you going to be effective in your industry if you have not established your brand? There […]

The Evolution of Branding and Its Future As a Driver of Change Towards Sustainability

This article examines the way that brands have evolved from well constructed and manicured facades to fluid and independent values spaces, what I call ambient brands, where consumers gather to transact. It addresses the demise of traditional branding and the opportunity that new branding represents in driving transformational change towards sustainability and socially responsible business […]

Online Promotion – What Your Brand Is

In the consumer product market we know that brand refers to how, for example, electronic manufacturers differentiate themselves (or try to differentiate themselves.) One car manufacturer may promote safety as its brand while another may promote its economical price. And when it comes to personal brands, we may be clear about some elements of brand. […]

Branding – 7 Important Questions and the Straight Answers

Consider these important questions about branding and the brutally honest answers that could help you sell more and save you lots of money that is typically wasted on branding. If you sell yourself as a branding expert – you might not like these answers. These are frank answers that demystify branding. 1. What is branding? […]

The Importance of Business Branding

“To study a subject best, understand it thoroughly before you start.” Anonymous. This is an excellent approach to business, especially at the beginning. Before you do anything, you must choose your branding, your identity. There are many elements that must be a part of the foundation of your business’s branding. If you lay your foundation […]

Surrogate Branding and Consumer Reaction

Brands perhaps are the most valuable assets an Organization can have. Brands create an image for themselves through the constant attention and nurture given to them by the organization. Over a period of time some of the brands become the bread winners for the organizations. In case of profit organizations to call them bread winners […]

Branding Your Company – A Vital Strategy in Keeping Customers

We’ve surprisingly often worked with people and companies that prior to working with FIT Design, had no idea what branding is, or what it does. Most times, there is the process by which they’ve crafted a product or service that is unique but overall inexplicable by even their most astute salesmen. Sometimes, 40 years have […]