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Every year on an average there are 22,000 reported motor vehicle accidents in Alberta. Some of them result in severe injuries and sometimes even fatalities. One of the most common questions that arise is what should one do if he is injured in a car accident? Car accident lawyer Calgary help with fighting the legal side, when a person or any of his family gets into accident. Ones first priority after an accident is to call the ambulance for specially if there is life-threatening injury or unconsciousness associated with the injury. If one suspects that impaired driving has involved, respective police must be informed. Moreover one should move his vehicle to another side of the road to avoid any further collisions. Generally, if any vehicle involved in the accident is deemed unsuitable for driving, the damage is minimum of $2,000 or more there are injuries involved. One must obtain a copy of the police report to access it through e-collision. Thus in any such event, if one hopes to pursue ones personal injury claim, one needs to obtain a police report. Again if pone hires a personal injury lawyer, it is also imperative that he provide with a copy of such police report or access it online.

How should one gather enough information

Once one has determined that everyone in the scene of accident is safeone needs to exchange information with the drivers involved. He must obtain the names and contact information of the driver, and if possible also take pictures with his cellphone camera of the driver’s licence, registration and insurance information. Moreover in the event that a driver be unable to provide with information due his injuries, one must obtain information from the passengers.In Alberta, if a driver drives without his driver’s license or insurance or his registration, one must report such collision to the police.

Some further information that may help a Car Accident Lawyer in Calgary

Apart from these some further information must be noted down. First is about the date, time and the location of the collision. This helps to clarify the timing of the accident. Second is models and licence plates of the vehicles involved. Third is the direction that each vehicle was traveling in, fourth is approximate speeds of each vehicle. Apart from that a person should also check the weather conditions, the contact information of any witnesses and the names and contact information of any attending police officers

If a tow trunk arrived ,one needs to jot down the name of the tow truck driver, phone number, name of the tow truck company, and destination of where the vehicle is being towed to. Once all the information has been gathered, if some of the passengers have sustained injury, one needs to seek medical attention as soon as possible to receive treatment.

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