H-2A Visa Program

An H-2A visa allows foreign nationals to work in agriculture in the United States temporarily. It helps U.S. employers or U.S. agents to hire foreign nationals in the United States to fill temporary agriculture jobs. H-2A visa is the second work visa that is popular among non-immigrant workers in the United States. And Employers or agents that wish to bring foreign nationals must meet specific regulatory requirements, also must file form I-129, a petition on behalf of their prospective non-immigrant worker. cuales son los mejores abogados de inmigracion en houston tx

About The H-2A Visa Program

The temporary agriculture workers program, referred to as the h-2a visa, permits employers who anticipated a shortage of domestic workers to bring foreign national workers to the United States. To perform seasonal or temporary agriculture jobs which include, but are not limited to planting, harvesting, cultivating, etc. It all depends on the type of service you need from the foreign worker. Seasonal agriculture work can be on-farm, plantations, greenhouse, ranches, orchards, etc. To participate in the h-2a visa program, you will have to collaborate with State Workforce Agency to recruit U.S. workers.

The State Workforce Agency will post your job ad publicly to U.S workers. You have to abide by the eligible referrals of U.S. workers who can apply for the job. Also can contact any former U.S. employees via contact address. adan vega abogado de inmigracion will put together and file all the required documents for foreign agricultural workers and U.S. companies applying for the H-2a visa.

Who Can Apply For An H-2a

Any U.S farm owner that needs extra workers qualifies to start the H-2A visa process for foreign workers. H-2A visa program legatees are U.S. farm employers and foreign employees. Farm owners that wish to participate in the H-2A must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Job positions offered should be temporary and seasonal agricultural work
  • Have the necessary documents and petition approvals
  • Show that no U.S. workers are willing, qualified, able, or available to fill those position
  • Ensure that the foreign workers will not negatively affect wages and working conditions of U.S employees in the same sector.

Additionally, there are also conditions for employees  to qualify for the H-2A visa;

  • Find a job from a U.S. employer that is offering seasonal or temporary agricultural work.
  • Present proves that the U.S. will benefit from giving workers an H-2A visa
  • Identify foreign workers by name, date of birth, country of citizenship, and country of birth

H-2A Visa Program Cost

The table below lists the estimated cost of the h2a visa an employer will bear when hiring or employing foreign workers under the H-2A visa program.

Labour Certification
Processing sole employers $100 application fee, plus $10 per certified worker (not to exceed $1000)
Non-Immigrant Worker petition
Filing fee $460
H-2A Visa Application
Consulate fee $190 per worker(worker should get reimbursed in the first check)
Border stamp fee $6 per worker
Agent fee Around $100 to $150 per worker
Transport from home country It depends on the country of origin.
Weekly travel to & fro, a grocery store, and other incidentals Cost varies
Miscellaneous Cost
Housing and livable fittings Approximately $ $8000 to $ 140000
If applicable, association fee $200

Benefits Of H-2A Visa Program
  1. You can travel in and out of the United States freely with an h2a visa
  2. Your dependant can live with you in the United States
  3. You can enter the U.S for temporary or seasonal work and employ employees’ benefits
Can My Family Join Me As H-2A visa Holder

The straight answer is yes! Spouses of h-2a visa holders and children under 21years can join them in the United States. They will have to apply for an H-4 visa under the H-4 visa program. As dependents, they are not allowed to work with the h-4 visa status but can change visa status if they find a job offer that requires an h-2a visa and if the employer will be willing to go through the necessary process. 

Also, if the visa of the primary h-2a visa holder extends, the dependents can apply for an extension of their h-4 visa.

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