How to Make Your Legs and Bum Look Great Fast

Genes and lifestyle are the two factors that determine how much weight we carry. Body proportions like the size of your butt and your waist or the appearance of your calves are all determined by the former. Dieting and exercising are the lifestyle choices that determine how much we will weight.

Toning or losing fat and cellulite around your legs and your butt takes time. Exercising and dieting require patience; after all, you did not gain the weight overnight, so losing it might take time as well. Speeding up the process of making your legs and bum look great might require the opening of door number three; cosmetic surgery.

Toning Your Legs

What do you mean when you say you want your legs to look great?

Toning and strengthening your calves’ muscle are one way to improve the appearance of your legs, and that can be your goal. To make this possible, you will need exercise routines that strengthen and develop calves muscles. On the other hand, if you are looking for tanned legs, your options may be limited to directly applying it or going into the sun to get an actual tan.

It, therefore, goes that the first step to making your legs look great is setting your leg goals. Exercises such as biking and jogging strengthen and shape the legs. They also aid in the loss of accumulated fats. Pilates, general cardio exercises, and yoga help with calve and overall body toning. It takes up to a few months for observable changes to be identified on your legs.

Where you are looking to fast-track the process, cheap cosmetic surgery options are available, depending on your particular goals. Leg and thigh lifts remove excess cellulite and fatty tissue from these areas and are procedures performed when one has lost a large amount of weight. The result is skin with a toned and taut appearance that gives your body better proportions.

Other cosmetic procedures that can improve your legs’ appearance include calf implants, thread vein, and varicose vein removal. Calf augmentation and grafting using fat from other body parts are options where a patient’s problem is with the skinniness of their legs.

Making Your Bum Look Great

Who doesn’t want a great butt, right? What does a great butt looks like? For some, the bigger the better while others may be more concerned with the proportions of the gluteus maximum to other parts of their body.

Exercise routines that are targeted at the bum area give different results. Lunges, for instance, are argued to increase the size of the gluteus muscle while bridges are useful where the intention is toning. Lifting dumbbells can help you do both; the strength training your butt receives during this routine helps develop muscle. For someone with neither fat nor muscle, the result would be an increase in size. Squats, plies, yoga and Pilates are other targeted exercises for a great bum. If these are done concurrently with dieting, results should be noticeable within a couple of months.

There are two procedures one may choose from if they want to improve the appearance of their buttocks through cosmetic surgery. The first procedure is known as buttock augmentation. Augmenting the buttocks is done through the use of implants, grafts or both. Through surgery, butt implants are placed in the buttock’s tissues, and the same procedure is done with fat grafting. Butt augmentation can be done through the use of implants and fat. The result of this procedure is that the size, shape and contour of the buttocks will get an improvement.

A buttock lift is usually done to improve the shape and tone of the area by strengthening the underlying tissue and muscle. Sagging of the gluteus is usually a result of pregnancy, age, sun damage, significant weight changes and genetics. Buttock lifts are done through the removal of excess skin and fat and are not intended to increase the size and may result in skin that is dimpled and has an irregular surface. The correction for this can be done in a different or during the same procedure.

Enhancing the appearance of your legs and bum can be done through exercises, dieting or cheap cosmetic surgery. The choice of the most appropriate method depends on your body goals and how fast you want the change.

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