How to Save Home Energy Use in Summer?

Summers are here and this is the time when your electricity bills will be at their peak. If you monitor your electricity usage, then you’ll be able to understand that your energy usage takes off really high during this time. You will be using your air conditioner more often, the refrigerator will be on for the whole day and so on. However, in spite of all these heavy energy usage, you can still save quite a bit of energy if you know the right tricks. In today’s blog we are going to show you how you can efficiently manage your home energy use in the summers.

  • Make use of natural light – the best part about summers is that there’s more than enough natural light for most part of the day. That allows you to curb down the need for artificial lighting & reduce energy usage during daytime. Make sure to open all the windows and let the natural light travel through your house. You can use curtains to cover the light when you don’t need it. Using natural light will definitely help you.

  • Use ceiling fans – summers are all hot and sweaty, aren’t they? And that is why you would turn on the AC at different times during the day. But, you should keep in mind that the AC is one of the biggest consumers of energy in any household. So, if you want to bring down your energy bills, then using ceiling fans is more preferable. They consume less than 65% energy when compared to any air-conditioner.

  • Insulate your roof – a lot of people make the mistake of not insulating their roof. Proper insulation can help you to control the temperature in the house and also prevent it from getting too heated up when the sun shines at the top of your head. This can also reduce the time you need to keep the AC turned on. Since the rooms will be cooler, the AC can quickly bring down the temperature and save energy.

  • Plan proper ventilation – the lack of proper ventilation can be a serious problem for most households. If you don’t have adequate ventilation, your rooms will be warm and too hot during the day or after noon. Ventilation helps you to get rid of this problem and brings down the temperature of your house by a few degrees. It also lets the air circulate, making you feel more comfortable and cozy. Using the ceiling fans will be more than enough.

  • Clean the air conditioner – ACs do consume a lot of energy but if you haven’t serviced your AC for more than a year now, it’s going to consume a whole lot of more energy now. Take some time off and send your AC for servicing to the dealer. They will clean the filters, oil the fans and do all the other things that are necessary to keep the AC more efficient than before.

So, here are some quick tips that you should follow in order to save energy at your home during the summers.

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