Polarized vs Prescription Sunglasses

There are several factors you should consider when shopping for your next pair of prescription sunglasses. One of the most common questions we get at DisoGlasses.com is whether to go for a strictly polarized sunglass, a basic prescription sunglass, or a combination of both. Although they both perform the same role (preventing harmful sun rays from getting into the eyes), they go about this is different ways.

Polarized sunglasses

Polarized lenses are treated with a special chemical that filter the light we see in a unique way. The molecules of the chemical are specifically designed to prevent some of the light from passing through the lens. When used in sunglasses, the filter creates vertical openings for light while preventing horizontal light. This means that only light rays that approach your eyes vertically can pass through.

This polarization effect makes the images you see a bit darkerbut also sharper and clearer with clearly defined details. People who use DisoGlasses.com polarized sunglasses over a long period of time often say they are less tired than usual after hours of fighting sunlight. In particular, people who fish find that polarized sunglasses dramatically reduce glare and help them see things in the water clearer.

Prescription sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are sunglasses that incorporate your own glass prescription. Prescription sunglasses are great as they protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and reflections while allowing you to see clearly. There are prescription glasses for almost all prescription types including bifocal and progressive lenses. Prescription sunglasses are great for people who spend a lot of time outdoors or driving a car. Wearing prescription sunglasses makes outdoor activities much easier and safer for your eyes.

Polarized Prescription sunglasses

Polarized prescription sunglasses provide the most elegant solution for clear, UV-protected vision allowing people with prescriptions enjoy the outdoors. They are basically the best of both worlds and as such, are becoming more popular. Many sunglass manufacturers and suppliers in China have begun offering polarized prescription sunglasses. DisoGlasses.com recommends having a pair of prescription glasses for use while working and a polarized pair for the outdoors.They are great for driving, sports, outdoor activities and more.

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