Ways of starting trade in crypto-currency

Nowadays crypto-currency has been developing in the growing market. It works as medium of exchange for users who want a secure financial transaction. Everything has done digitally and therefore it is a fraud proof transaction. It doesn’t cost much if you want to transfer money from one person to another. You can visit the website www.cryptolico.com to explore every aspect of crypto-currency and take one step further so that you can earn more interest. It stores your password that is encrypted in your computer.

Things you should know before start trading crypto-currency:

  • Before starting you need:
  1. Wallet: It contains public or private keys and addresses that will be used to spend or receive the crypto-currency.
  2. Exchange:
  • Coinbase: It is a wallet or a broker and a broker charges for its work. So if you want to save money you can choose Coinbase pro as it is an exchange. It is user-friendly for the investors who buy or sell bitcoins, litcoins etc
  • Bitrrex: It is a wallet and top exchange for altcoins and charges less fee.
  • Kraken: It is oldest U.S based crypto-exchange and it accepts fiat currencies and also trade in other currencies too.
  • Authentication and password: You will have to use to two factor authentication and there should be one strong password. You can enable all the security features so that it will prevent you account from hackers.
  • The market is insanely volatile: If you are going to trade with coins that have lower market cap then it increases the risk of losing. But if go with market caps of top coin like bitcoin then it reduces the risk.
  • Might prefer to trade crypto-currency stock: Bitcoin is owned by GBTC. It is a trust that sells the share of bitcoin. GBTC doesn’t allow trading in crypto-currency directly and often trade in premium.

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