What is a delivery load board?

A simple way to think of delivery load board is as an online bulletin board service to meet your transportation needs. Shippers, brokers and truckers use load boards to advertise their services, whether you are providing a freight to get it shipped or a truck in need of a load. Load boards are a platform where companies with load meet carriers looking for loads to haul. A good load board will offer you with a wide range of research tools to ease your business arrangement.

If a trucker find himself at the end of a long haul and is looking to drive back home without a load, then he would end up in loss. At this point, you would take help of a load board to find freight shipment that needs to be delivered in the same direction as the truck. He would bid on it and if chosen, he would arrange the deal with the shipper, get his truck filled and avoid the expense of driving empty.

Sometimes if the usual carrier of a shipper is unavailable, he will advertise his freight on the load board and look for a trucker ready to haul it. With the right tools, an agreement is reached. The shipper assigns the task to the carrier and once the job is done, they receive the payment. Usually shippers use delivery loads to perform to tasks: post loads and search for carriers.

Post loads

Posting a load is just like putting an ad in the classifieds. Carriers mention the item which needs to be hauled, where the load is, where it needs to be transported and more. Once posted, the load is visible on the platform to all the carriers who have signed up. The truckers can come with bid offers to negotiate a deal.

Searching for carriers

Carriers explore load boards to find freight as per their needs. They also post their trucks so that shippers and brokers can find them and connect with them directly. So, load boards for shippers offer the chance to meet new people to move their too many loads in a timely manner. A lot of carriers are ready to go anywhere and they offer a fair deal. Hence, load boards don’t exploit the shippers and they get fair pricing for their freights.

Carriers often look for loads for a back haul or return trip. They can search for loads without posting about their trucks. This makes them spare the cost of returning empty truck.

Why should you use a load board?

Well, load boards offer numerous facilities to carriers and shippers. The demand of trucking services is increasing with every passing day with online shopping increasing. Shippers post their freight details and find the best negotiated freight rates for them. It helps them in cost-effective and timely shipping.

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