Why is soccer considered as one of the craziest game?

Soccer is a game that is also called football.  It is a game of 11 players which is played with the help of a spherical ball. The game of soccer is played in a rectangular field, which is called a pitch & have a goal at each end. The objective of both the teams which are playing soccer is to score the ball beyond the goal line into the opposing goal to get more points & win the game.

With the increase in craze for soccer among the people, most of the sites provide a soccer prediction game that people can play online. If you can predict – which team is going to win / loss or the game ends with a draw just by selecting different options available on the site. If your prediction is correct, you can end up winning some price or bonus rewards.

Soccer is played by taking a specific set of rules into consideration, which is known as the game’s laws.

Specific criteria in soccer –

  1. Availability of substitute player: A rule which suggests each team can use up to 7 substitute players. Substitutions of players can be performed at any time of the match. It can be done for each team to make a maximum of 3 substitutions per side. In case if any of the players faced any injury during the match, the substitute players placed at the corners join in the middle of the game as a replacement for that player.
  2. The ball must enter the goal area: Players should be clear about this rule to mark a goal against the opposite team. The whole ball must cross the goal line so that it can be considered as a goal.
  3. Extra time with Penalty shootout: Extra time will be provided if both the teams have the same score.If they both remain at the same score during spare time, then a penalty shootout must occur.
  4. Penalty cards:Referee can show a yellow or red card to players depending on the foul’s severity. The yellow card is a warning, and a red card is a dismissal of that player.

Is betting in soccer games legal?

Some people love to play soccer or football in a different way, which is called soccer betting. These betting can be played online by anyone around the world. It is just online gambling where people have to give their opinions on soccer prediction, which helps them earn money in thousands & even in millions. Betting is not at all legal; it is considered as gambling & can end up with a massive amount of penalty or imprisonment.

Conclusion –

Soccer is a beautiful game with a specific set of rules, players & a spherical ball. Whenever people use to play it as a gambling or love to do betting by just giving their soccer prediction with a motive of earning money is not at all a good idea. Always remember – betting is gambling & don’t let this gambling becomes a problem in your life.

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