How To Apostille FBI Background Check Report?

When you are going to some other country with a purpose, you might be asked to submit several important documents that are not just restricted to your identity proof or address proof. Most of the countries would ask you to submit your criminal record documents along with other proofs. This is where the FBI apostille is important. In the US, your background check is in the hand of the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. After the FBI provides you the documents on email or through the post, you need apostille before you could proceed forward. 

The background of apostille

Apostille is a French term. That simply means “certification”. Every country wants the legalization of documents especially criminal records of the long-term or short-term migrants. It is necessary for these countries for security reasons. Before apostilling, legalization was a complicated and lengthy procedure. In the Hague Convention 1961, 105 countries from all the major continents came to an agreement to apostille the documents in the native country of the migrant and accept it as the authentic document. This instantly shortened and simplified the document legalization procedure. 

Apostille is a smooth sailing process

You do not have to wait for an unknown time or wait for your turn in the respective country’s embassy in your country to legalize FBI background checks. The process is smooth sailing:

  • Contact an FBI channeler for an FBI background check document. 
  • The channeler will authenticate your identity and fingerprint. 
  • You will get the complete background check document within a short period
  • Contact an FBI background check apostille service provider 
  • Fill up the application and submit the documents as they ask 
  • Get your FBI background check apostille within a few days
  • Submit the apostilled documents to the appropriate authority of the country where you are heading to

The process is easy. In fact, easier than you think. With the trustworthy and professional service provider, you get the FBI documents apostilled quickly. 

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