Smart Use of the Best Air Conditioner For You Now

Here two clans oppose each other: the partisans of the works, and those whose eyes shine when we speak of partition, demolition.

For the first, an air conditioner is a yes. But the installation must be simple for all and if there is no outdoor unit, it’s even better for children. This means that mobile air conditioners or monobloc air conditioners without an outdoor unit are successful. With the entretient thermopompe

For the latter, the choice is for fixed air conditioners. Whether at the window or on the wall, the unit always has an outdoor unit. Note that mono split and multi split air conditioners both require the intervention of an authorized installer with commissioning programmed by the manufacturer. For these devices, setting with a remote control is a real plus.

A financially accessible air conditioner

Yes, last but not least: the cost of the air conditioning system. It is certain that the acquisition of an air conditioner represents a significant investment, especially with regard to fixed wall climbers.

As a result, depending on the initial budget, the models and features will be very different. To give an idea:

  • From 0 to 500 €, will be accessible mobile air conditioners. They will be perfect for extra use. Special mention for reversible air conditioners that can be used as additional heating means in winter.
  • From 500 € to 1500 € and more, it will be fixed air conditioners with or without outdoor unit that you will find in the catalogs of the leading brands of air conditioning.
  • The cooling capacity and the heat output must be adapted to the room you want to equip (size and orientation).

In fact, the higher the power, the more electricity the device consumes. But be careful not to undersize your air conditioner. If the power is too low compared to the part to be refreshed, your device will work in overpeed and will be overconsumption. It is therefore very important to properly assess your needs.

As an indication, it is necessary to provide 100W to 130W per m2 (for a ceiling height of approximately 2m50). The power of an air conditioner varies from 2,000 to 3,500 watts.

Power consumption:

Wondering what could be the consequence of buying an air conditioner on your electricity bill? This will of course depend on your frequency of use.

On average, it is considered that for regular use (around 4 hours per day) the increase in electricity consumption would be around 15% per month. If, on the other hand, you use your air conditioner more frequently (more than 4 hours a day), the increase could be 25% per month

The sound volume

Mobile air conditioners emit a sound volume between 45 and 60 dB. An air conditioner of good quality will obviously be less noisy.

Silent devices have two types of features:

The Eurovent label:

The device is certified by an independent body that analyzes, among other things, the sound emissions of one or both units.

A Silence or Sleep option:

The air conditioner, according to sleep, emits a barely audible sound.


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