Seeing a Solicitor for the First Time: How to Prepare

If you need professional legal advice in any aspect of your life, you can rely on solicitors in chester. You should expect that solicitors are professional, responsive and knowledgeable in many fields. By considering them, you are ensuring higher chances of winning whatever case you might be facing. 

There are many solicitors you can consider but to determine if the solicitor is the right fit for you, it is important that you meet him/her first so you can get a sense of how he/she is working. This will mean setting up an appointment or initial consultation.

If this is your first time meeting a solicitor, you should prepare so you can get the most out of it. Here’s how to prepare for your first solicitor appointment:

Define your goals

Before seeing a solicitor, you should determine what you want to get out of the consultation or the appointment. As much as possible, you have to define your goals and make a list of them. When you make the list, it should include main points about your problem, what you want to know and the questions you need to ask the solicitor. It is a good idea if you get the help of a friend. 

Know what to take

When it is time to see the solicitor, you should take relevant documents or letters about your case. It is best if you organized it so you can quickly go over the documents and letters when needed. By bringing the documents or letters, it can help the solicitor understand what is going on.

Do not forget to include a proof of your address and ID photo, which will be put in your file. If you are looking for legal aid, you must bring proof of income including the benefits that you receive. You should also attach maintenance payments, rent, and childcare costs.

These are important to assess your financial situation so you will know if you are eligible for legal aid. However, if you are not eligible to get legal aid, you need to take money to pay for the appointment. With this in mind, you have to check beforehand the cost of the appointment and the methods of payment. If you can find solicitors offering a free initial consultation, you should grab the opportunity. 

Answer the questions truthfully

When you face the solicitor, you should expect that he/she would ask a lot of questions. You must answer the questions truthfully and clearly. If you do not understand a question, do not hesitate to clear things up. In most cases, the solicitor will confirm if you understood the law.

This is also the right time to convey to the solicitor your goals. By conveying what you want to happen, the solicitor can work a plan to achieve it. More importantly, do not hold back information – even if you are embarrassed about it. You should disclose everything because it may be important in your case.

Understand the next steps

Before the end of your first appointment, you should expect that the solicitor will lay down action plans or approaches for your case. At the end of the appointment, you will have a clear idea about your case and you will know what to do.

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