What is a typical personal injury settlement in Atlanta, Georgia?

A typical personal injury settlement amounts to a sum that covers all the expenses associated with the incident. This can be up to $75,000, but you can get much more. Intangible damages are calculated by multiplying the tangible expenses by one to five, including pain and suffering. For relatively minor injuries, insurance companies will settle for a multiple of one or two. For more serious injuries, you will need the help of a personal injury attorney. Contact Dozier Law Firm to find experienced lawyers who are ready to take your case.

For pain and suffering, a lawyer can request up to $38,600. For instance, doctors may estimate that a person will need six months to fully recover. A lawyer can request $200 a day, or $38,600 for six months. Regardless of the actual cost, this figure can be negotiated with the insurance company. Typically, you will need to provide proof of the pain and suffering. Witness statements, photographs, and videos of the injuries should help show how much pain you have experienced.

A settlement will be sent by the insurance company within three weeks. Most cases settle before trial because the other party accepted responsibility for the injuries. However, if the case goes to trial, the defendant may file an appeal and delay the payout. Therefore, it can take anywhere from one to two years for a settlement to be approved. So, it’s important to make sure you have your lawyer’s advice before settling a personal injury case.

A settlement is worth more or less than a lawsuit. A successful settlement usually involves a significant amount of time. In a case in which the defendant’s fault was found, a lawsuit might take a few years. A settlement is a good deal for the plaintiff, but it doesn’t guarantee the outcome of the lawsuit. It is important to remember that there are many factors that increase the length of a claim.

A personal injury settlement will depend on the specifics of the case. There is no standard formula to determine a fair settlement. But, you can ask your lawyer to calculate the compensation based on the pain and suffering damages. Generally, your lawyer will offer an amount that he feels is reasonable. A typical personal injury settlement will involve a percentage of economic damages, pain, and suffering, and punitive damages.

In a personal injury case, it is important to understand the full costs of the accident. Your attorney will evaluate all communications with the defendant and will help you determine nonmonetary damages. Similarly, your attorney should determine the cost of any ongoing care and therapy. You will need to consider these costs when determining a fair personal injury settlement. If your attorney has already calculated the costs, you should be able to receive the money.


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