Here’s Why You Should Do A Buffet For Your Corporate Event

We have all attended a corporate event where the food was less than impressive or even straight-up sad and unsatisfying. Sadly, that is very common in events where the organizers opted for the easiest catering option: packed lunches. Although there is nothing wrong with a well-prepared packed lunch, sometimes it’s just not impressive.

Why not consider a buffet-style for your next event to avoid the risk of hosting a disappointing corporate lunch event? If you, like many others, are not convinced that a corporate event should have a catered buffet, read these reasons and you might just change your mind:

Reason #1: Save More Money

A self-service buffet is the perfect way to cut down on the cost of food, food waste, as well as service. When the attendees of the event are allowed to serve themselves, there is no need for a full staff to manage each station. Also, since they have full control over the serving size, the chances of leftovers are cut down.

A corporate catering menu served in a buffet style is the perfect solution in reducing waste and saving the company’s money.

Reason #2: Guest Satisfaction

Not everyone will be satisfied with a single portion or a single serving. In fact, many guests look for a second serving, especially if the event has been going on since the morning. By depriving guests of a full stomach, many will start to complain and feel like attending the event was not worth it.

Let’s face the facts. Many attend these conferences for a chance to eat free food. Don’t disappoint and serve up not just delicious dishes, but also hearty servings by choosing buffet over plated or boxed meals.

Reason #3: Flexible Choices

Plated and boxed meals offer guests very little in terms of choices. Although you try your best to choose a corporate catering menu that most people will like, not everyone will enjoy what you have pre-selected for them. Unlike a buffet where attendees have more options when it comes to choosing what they want to eat.

If they only like one item from the buffet, they can always choose to fill up on that particular dish or try something new.

Reason #4: Considers Dietary Restrictions

There are many instances where a couple of the guests will end up buying their food outside of the conference because the packed lunch does not meet their dietary restrictions. Whether there are guests who are purely vegetarian or some who have strict diets because of their religion, it is always better to have a buffet to give them options.

Don’t forget to tell your catering company to properly label dishes so that those with dietary restrictions or allergies know exactly what they are putting on their plates.

Buffets During Conferences Should Be The Norm

Business conferences should start opting for self-services buffets instead of packed lunches. Clearly, many benefits come with a buffet, all of which will contribute to the success of the event and the satisfaction of the guests.

What should you put on your corporate catering menu? With our years of experience, our team at Saint Germain Catering can help you prepare menus that will bring a smile to your employees’ faces.

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