Mike Morse wins $4.6 for the victim of the accident by uncovering a series of lies

You can’t say that a randomly hired personal injury attorney or even a general attorney can win an accident victim $4.6 million. To the best of my knowledge and experience, mike morse has done a great job by helping the family of a deceased man killed in a road accident. The case was deliberately made complex by the defendant launching a series of lies.

One of the biggest lies was that the driver was not driving to work with his two colleagues; instead, he was going somewhere else. Without proving that he was driving to work rather than going somewhere else, it was not possible to increase the amount won from $100, 000. Hence, Mike Morse firm used all their sources such as videos, statements, and documentation to uncover a series of lies and it took them two years before they became successful in winning $4.6 rather than just $100, 000.

Mismatched statements from the defendant

If I’m not mistaken, the firm utilized different statements from the defendant’s videos whenever he appeared before the police. The veteran lawyer of the firm discovered from the 10-hour video that the defendant had admitted that he was traveling to work rather than going anywhere else, and that, he was accompanied by two of his colleagues in the same car.

Truth is evergreen

Truth is evergreen is the slogan of Mike Morse law firm simply because they strongly believe in uncovering lies and made truth obvious to the court of the law. Whenever you need justice in an accident case or you know someone who is not being given justice, you should contact Mike Morse’s firm immediately.

The firm covers all the areas in Michigan State

No matter where you live in Michigan, Mike Morse law firm can cover all the areas in Michigan. For further contact details, visit the site linked above.

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