When it comes to customized picture framing, there are several things you can explore and create. 


Perhaps in every home what we usually see is a deck of family pictures and a gallery of photo frames captured with different memories.


Today we are sharing some ideas that are unique and fun things to frame that can add a pop to your home décor.




Maps could sound boring when you think of framing them, but once framed, maps can prove to be one of the most stunning displays for your home. Moreover, maps convey special meaning.

You can choose to frame a map of your home town or your desired destination. Maps look amazing in large framed displays, and we, at FRAMES BY MAIL, specialize in making frames of different sizes.




A framed puzzle makes a colorful and antique wall accessory. A framed puzzle fulfills the dual purpose of showcasing your talent and hard work in building your puzzle and adds up in bringing vibrance in the room.




 Suppose you have a collection of various currencies or you just returned from abroad and are left with some different currency notes, never think of wasting those notes, rather you can frame a collection of various currencies. It gives a great display to your wall. Apart from currencies, you can also get your first cash memo framed if you own a business, it will be your lifetime memory and besides a décor for a wall.


Other than these, there are options for framing different stamps, your favorite magazines, or book covers. All these things sound a little weird when we talk about but in actual, when these things come out framed, serve as the most excellent picture frames, unique, antique, and elegant. People watching those frames will adore them and plan similar to it.


It is equally important to choose the correct picture frame for the item you have chosen to frame. The correct style, texture, matte is very important to be considered while framing these items. To get the best expert guidance upon the type of picture frame to be selected, check FRAMES BY MAIL.

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