A well-searched comparison between fatal motorcycle & car accidents

As long as you are riding a motorcycle on the road, you are open and unsafe from all the four sides, but on the other hand, when you are driving a car, you are safe & protected from all the four sides owing to the body of the car. The motorcycle is a very dangerous vehicle unless you do your best to stay safe in case an accident happens to you. 

Studies have shown that motorcycle accidents are often fatal – particularly when talking about left-turn accidents – compared to car accidents for the very above reason, if I’m not mistaken. Hopefully, you are supposed to agree with my viewpoint, but still, we may agree to differ as well. Irrespective of the fact that the number of total motorcycle accidents is lower than car accidents, hence the number of fatal motorcycle accidents is higher than the fatal car accidents. 

On that account, it is very important to see the common causes of motorcycle accidents so that we can stay safe and sound or maximally receive minor injuries in case of a motorcycle accident. Let’s see some more facts! 

Motorcyclists & total road traffic 

Particularly, when talking about our country or another developed country; the total road traffic consists of motorcyclists by just 1%. The same is not the case with people living in low or middle-income countries. The fact of the matter is that a middle-class individual can just afford a bike rather than spending a lot of money on buying a car. 


In the final analysis, it is safe to say that low and middle-class individuals cannot afford to buy a car but they can easily afford to purchase a new or at least 2nd hand or used bike. It would not be wrong to assume that, as a motorcyclist, you are a vulnerable road user in the same way as pedestrians & pedal cyclists are. 

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