How To Write a Cover Letter: 10 Tips For Legal Professionals

Lawyers are perceived to be great with logic and how they handle arguments. And if you’re actively looking for a job, you have to create a stellar resume and cover letter that give a glimpse of your skill in this profession. While there’s a resume template for lawyers that can be accessed online, your cover letter is something you have to work on and personalize.

This article discusses essential tips on creating compelling cover letters that will help you land a job.

Know the basics of business correspondence. From the proper format to the appropriate salutation, you have to understand the fundamentals of writing effective business correspondence. By being compliant even to the smallest details, you’ll give that impression that you value professionalism at all levels.

Be specific. Generic cover letters sound and appear lousy. This is why you have to be attentive to details and be specific about your purpose why you are applying — and about your reasons why you deserve to be hired.

Create a strong opening. Getting help from a resume template for lawyers will help you create a resume that’s complete and detail-oriented. A good resume is better complemented by a cover letter with a strong opening. Use your first paragraph to identify yourself and to state the job location you’re applying for.

State facts and not flowery adjectives. Throughout your letter, it’s better to skip the usual adjectives like “competent” and “reliable.” State your experience — tell them what makes you deserving to secure the job position they are offering.

Don’t restate what’s included in your resume. While you must state your experience, be careful not to simply repeat what’s on your resume. Instead, you can briefly recount an interesting story that led you to practice law — or a career highlight relevant to the position.

Show that you care for the firm. HR managers typically skip cover letters that sound too self-centered. Apart from avoiding too much use of “I,” you also have to strategically show that you care for the firm.

Keep things short and simple. When you use a resume template for lawyers, you’ll benefit from conveniently adhering to the standards of resume writing. When it comes to cover letters, one golden rule you have to abide is keeping things short and simple — you only need one page for this one.

Maintain a personal yet professional tone. Never use informal words when writing your cover letter. Though you’re writing something personal, make it a point that you keep a professional tone through and through.

Don’t forget about your contact details. This is an important part of your cover letter. If your header doesn’t include your contact details yet, you have to write in the last part of your letter. This will be the key information that your prospective company’s HR manager will use to inform you if ever you will be hired.

Follow what’s required. Your cover letter is just one part of your application. To help you land a job, you have to follow all the requirements of the company or the firm.

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